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2015 Varna Library Competition: N.Stamatova, O.Perfanov, B.Ivanova, A.Schiavo, V.Semcheva, A.Goni Echarri, K.Kondova, I.Rusanova, D.Karakerezov, A.Markoulia; 3D and movie design: T.Tsekov


2015 Renovation of kindergarten Sun, Levski



2012 - Library in Daegu Gosan, South Korea (competition - N.Stamatova, O.Perfanov, S.Ganchev)

2011 - Stellar Queen hotel near Varna (preliminary design approch)

2008 Dialysis center in Provadia

2007 Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Central Library Headquarters & Cultural Centre Architectural (Competition - N. Stamatova, D. Koshechkov, O. Perfanov, D. Dimova, E. Dimov)

2007 Mall "Dobrich" in the city of Dobrich (preliminary design approch)

2006 Apartment Building "Borovets Heights 1," village Beli Iskar, near the town of Samokov

2006 Apartment Building in Borovets resort (preliminary design approch)

2006 Balchik Golf Heights

2006 Holiday apartment buildings in Kantarjievo

2005 Reconstruction and interior of the main hall in the Central Post Office, Varna (award for detailed projects and realization - Architectural Saloon 2006)

2003 Hotel "Green&Blue",resort Albena, competiotional project (K. Angelova, N. Stamatova)

2003 Showroom interior of Eldom Invest Ltd.

2002 Project "Pick & Eat" (Competition of magazine "Japan Architect" for a restaurant in a rural area - N. Stamatova, H. Handjiyski)

2000 "Public Space with Glass" (Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition)

1999 Reconstruction of cinema "Rodina" as polifunctional center, city of Dobrich,(award) (N. Stamatova, K. Angelova)

1999 Art-shop "Sunflower", Varna

1999 Reconstruction of cinema "Trakiya", Varna as "Movie, Video and Multimedia Art Center "United Cinema Multiplex"" (N. Stamatova, K. Angelova)

1999 Interior of fast-food restaurant, Varna

1999 Shoowroom of "Toyota", Greece (preliminary approch)

1998 TV shop (reconstruction and interior), Varna (K. Angelova, N. Stamatova)

1998 Hotel "Kaliakra", Kavarna

1998 Shade construction of the entrance of Golden Sands resort

1996 Kansai-Kan Branch of the National Diet Library of Japan (N.Stamatova, E. Nickoloff)

1995 Balkanbank Targovishte (competition)

1995 Reconstruction and Interiors of Sofiabank, city of Dobrich (competition - First prize)

1994 Reconstruction and interior of Expressbank, Dolni Chiflik (competition - First prize)

1994 Hotel Еvksinograd, Varna

1993 Reconstruction and interior of Expressbank, Gorna Orjahovitza (N. Stamatova,K. Angelova)

1993 Reconstruction of a house as an Asian restaurant, Varna (N. Stamatova, T.Tsekov, L.Tsekova)

1993 Reconstruction and interior of Transport Bank, city of Stara Zagora (competition)

1991 Public building in the city of Orenburg, Russia

1991 Hotel in Evksinograd, city of Varna

1990 "The Eye of the Sea", summertime open-airs restaurant , Golden Sands Resort

1990 Cubic system for summertime open-airs restaurants, Golden Sands resort

1990 Facad's Reconstruction of Shop "Isabella", Varna

1990 Restaurant and Shopping Center "Surf" in Priboi, city of Varna

1990 International design centre in the quarry near lake of Pusiano, Italy (international workshop)

1989 Memorial of died in Afganistan Russian soldiers, city of Murmansk, Russia

1989 Reconstruction of old factory to an Art Centre, Varna (workshop - F.N. Hill, Ts. Naumova, I. Penkova, N. Stamatova)

1987 Grand Hotel "Golden Sands", Golden Sands (workshop - second prize - T.Tsekov, N.Stamatova, L.Tsekova,T.Ignatov)

1987 Memorial of Vasil Levski, town of Karlovo (N. Stamatova, T.Ignatov, Architectural Biennial Interarh'87)

1985 Building of public organizations, town of Zavet, district Razgrad

1985 Memorial wall of station Razdelna, Galabovo minicipality, Stara Zagora District

1984 New Year bazaar, Radnevo (First prize for Stara Zagora District)

1983 Theater of Touring Companies, Stockholm,(competition - project-finalist for Prague Quadrinnale of scenography and theatrical architecture, N. Stamatova, T.Peev, N.Shakirova)

1982 Memorial Complex of Vasil Levski, town of Karlovo (competition - encouragement award)